How to Style a Bed ThrowHow to Style a Bed Throw

How to Style a Bed Throw?

A bed throw isn’t just a functional item to keep you warm; it’s a statement piece that can transform the look of your bedroom. With the right approach, a throw can serve as the focal point of your bed or a subtle accent that ties the room together.

What is a Bed Throw? 

A bed throw is a smaller blanket, often decorative, used to add an extra layer of warmth and style to a bed. It’s not just a functional item but a statement piece that can tie a room together.


The Importance of Bed Throws in Home Decor

 Bed throws serve as a focal point in bedroom decor, offering an opportunity to showcase your style and add a pop of color or texture to the room.


Selecting the Right Bed Throw

Material Considerations 

Choose a material that complements your bedding and suits the climate. Cotton and linen are great for warmer months, while wool and fleece provide coziness in colder seasons.

Maintaining Your Bed Throw

  • Cleaning and Care: Follow the care instructions to keep your throw looking its best.
  • Storage Solutions: Store throws properly when not in use to maintain their shape and texture.


Material Matters 

The texture of your bed throw is crucial. Whether you opt for a chunky knit for a cozy feel or a smooth silk for a luxurious touch, ensure the material complements your bedding and overall bedroom aesthetic.

how to style a bed with quilt and comforter

Color and Pattern Choices 

Select colors that harmonize with your room’s palette. Patterns can add depth, but be mindful of balancing them with solid colors to avoid a cluttered look.

Color Coordination 

Color is a powerful tool in styling a bed throw. Select a throw that either contrasts with your bedding for a bold look or matches it for a harmonious feel. Burnt orange or vibrant blues can add a pop of color, while neutral tones can soothe and calm.


Styling Your Bed Throw

The Classic Fold

  • Horizontal Fold: Fold your throw in thirds and place it at the foot of the bed for a traditional look.
  • Diagonal Fold: For a more dynamic style, fold your throw diagonally and let it cascade from one corner of the bed.


The Casual Drape

  • End-of-Bed Drape: Casually drape your throw across the end of the bed, allowing it to fall naturally for a relaxed vibe.
  • Corner Drape: Drape the throw over one corner of the bed, creating an inviting and effortless look.


Layering Techniques

  • Textural Contrast: Mix textures by placing a smooth throw over a textured bedspread.
  • Color Pairing: Use complementary colors for your throw and bedding to create a cohesive look.


Additional Tips and Tricks

Seasonal Considerations

  • Summer Styling: Opt for lighter materials and brighter colors to reflect the season.
  • Winter Warmth: Choose heavier throws in deeper hues for added warmth and comfort.


Pattern Play 

Patterns can add depth and interest to your bed. If your bedding is plain, a patterned throw can be a centerpiece. Conversely, if your bedding is already patterned, a solid-colored throw can balance the look.

Styling Techniques

The Casual Drape

 For a relaxed and inviting look, casually drape the throw over the corner of your bed. This technique is effortless and can be easily adjusted for a lived-in vibe.

The Neat Fold 

If you prefer a more structured look, fold your throw neatly at the foot of your bed. This method showcases the throw’s texture and color and provides an easy-to-reach layer of warmth.

Layering with Other Textiles 

Throws work well with other textiles. Layer your throw over a quilt or comforter, or pair it with textured pillows for a rich, multi-dimensional effect.


Pillows and Cushions

 Pillows and cushions can enhance the appeal of your bed throw. Mix and match different sizes, shapes, and textures to create depth and interest.

Bedside Complements

 Consider the space around your bed. A bedside rug or a plant can complement the throw and complete the look of your bedroom.

how to style a bed with a throw
how to style a bed with a throw

Seasonal Considerations

Warm Weather Styling 

In warmer months, opt for lighter materials and brighter colors. A linen or cotton throw can add style without the weight.

Cold Weather Arrangements 

During colder seasons, choose heavier fabrics like wool or fleece. Rich, dark colors can add warmth and comfort.

Final Thoughts

Styling a bed throw is an art that allows for personal expression. Experiment with different techniques and accessories to find what works best for you and your space.

By following these tips, you can create a space that reflects your personal taste and invites relaxation.



Can I use a bed throw with any bedding style?

 Yes, bed throws are versatile and can complement various bedding styles, from minimalist to bohemian.

How do I choose the right size for my bed throw? 

Consider the size of your bed and how much drape you want on the sides. Generally, a throw should be large enough to cover the width of the bed.

Can I mix patterns with my bed throw and bedding? 

Absolutely! Mixing patterns can add vibrancy to your bedroom, just ensure there is a unifying color scheme.

How often should I change my bed throw?

 Change your bed throw as often as you like to refresh your bedroom’s look or with the changing seasons.

Are bed throws only for decoration? 

While they are decorative, bed throws also provide extra warmth and can be used for snuggling up during cooler nights.

How often should I wash my bed throw?

 It depends on the material and usage, but generally, washing it once a season is sufficient.

Can I use multiple throws on my bed?

 Absolutely! Layering throws can add depth and interest to your bed.

Should my bed throw match my curtains or wall color?

 While it’s not a necessity, coordinating your throw with other elements can create a harmonious look.

How do I prevent my bed throw from slipping off?

 Choose throws with some texture or weight to them, which tend to stay in place better.

Are bed throws just for decoration, or can they be functional too?

 Bed throws can be both decorative and functional, providing extra warmth and comfort when needed.

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