Throws may easily upgrade your bedroom’s design while keeping it cozy and practical.

Throw blankets are a great option to create a pleasant, warm, and beautiful environment in your space. They may give a room more texture, warmth, and color. 

Adding a throw blanket can perfectly finish the style of your room, whether you casually drape it over the corner or carefully fold it around the foot of your bed.

How to style a throw blanket on a bed is a common question. You can raise your home design game and make your throw blankets seem friendly in various ways.

Key Takeaways:

  • Simply keep folding your throw blanket horizontally. Align it with the end of your bed when you make it in the morning. Drape it over a corner at the foot of your bed.  By layering many blankets or folding your blanket several times, you may also give depth and texture to your space.
  • The crucial difference between a blanket and throw layers is their intended use. In addition to extra layers of bedding, blankets are used to keep beds warm. Throws, a form of a blanket, on the other hand, are more beautiful and are used as a human-sized covering for cozy afternoons or as furniture accents.
How To Style A Throw Blanket On A Bed


How to style a throw blanket on a bed?

There are 9 creative ways to decorate a throw blanket on a bed. Follow step by step.


1. Use a throw blanket as a headboard style.

a throw blanket used as a headboard style

Throws don’t have to be put at the foot of the bed by default.

Consider hanging a blanket over your headboard if you adore it but think it looks strange on the bed. This is an excellent method for updating old wooden bed frames.

A few accent pillows can enhance the blanket’s color and texture.

a throw blanket used as a headboard style

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2. Triangle Corner

a throw blanket styled in a Triangle Corner on a bed

The name speaks for itself. Your throw should be set diagonally over the bed’s bottom border.

Make a horizontal fold at least once. If a lengthwise one is desired, you may also add one. Next, place it roughly at a 45-degree angle over one of the bottom corners.

Fold the throw numerous times, or try stacking different throws to create texture and complexity.


3. Build Up

a 'Build Up' style throw blanket on a bed

Place a standard-sized blanket in a solid color first, then a shorter, more decorative throw blanket on top of it. This makes the throw’s design and color stand out even more.

For the bed blanket and throw, use similar colors yet have various textures.

Choose a foundation blanket that won’t clash with your throw’s ribbon or fringe if it has either.


4. Bed’s foot end

a throw blanket styled at the bed's foot end

This throw blanket styling technique is time-honored. Most individuals decorate their beds simply, especially those who use their throw blankets frequently.

Place your blanket at the foot of your mattress after folding it in thirds lengthwise. Depending on how it suits the general design of the bed, you can position it directly at the edge or slightly above. 

Remember that picking the proper blanket is just as crucial as where you place it. Therefore, while purchasing, research and look for the best bed throws for the foot of the bed.


5. Thrown Down

'Thrown Down' style throw blanket draped over furniture

They are gorgeous when draped over furniture. Pinch the middle of your blanket to lift it, then set it aside. 

Making corrections shouldn’t be delayed, but remember that this is a sloppy look, so it doesn’t need to be flawless.


'Thrown Down' style throw blanket partially draping off the bed

6. Draping Off The Bed Partially

This style approach offers a novel way to arrange the throw at the foot of the bed.

The throw blanket should first be folded in half horizontally. Fold it lengthwise into thirds after that.

 Last but not least, position it such that a portion of the blanket hangs off the bed, roughly two-thirds down from the headboard.


7. Make Creative Shapes.

Make a triangle to draw the eye instead of a square or rectangle.

Neatly fold the throw into a triangle on one of the bed’s bottom corners. It will create symmetry and a fitted appearance.

a throw blanket folded into a creative triangle shape on one of the bed's bottom corners


8. Keep it in a basket.

a throw blanket kept in a wicker basket that fits the bedding

Try this technique if you can find a lovely wicker basket that fits your bedding.

Throws need only be rolled or folded, then stacked in the basket. They will simultaneously be simple to use, out of the way, and decorative!

9. Pillow-flip the throw blanket

a pillow-flip style throw blanket on a bed, with the blanket's lengthwise edges half-folded towards the center

It’s true what you just read! To turn a throw blanket into a cushion, follow these steps:

  • Half-fold the blanket’s lengthwise edges in the direction of the center.
  • 1/4 of the lower edge should be folded in.
  • When you reach the folded corner, begin rolling the opposite edge.
  • Place the folded corner’s pocket over the rolled corner.

I’m done now! Your throw will look adorable anyplace it is placed and will fit beds without headboards!

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What Is A Throw Blanket?

A throw blanket is a beautiful fabric that you may use to warm up a specific space. It is still a blanket, of course. It may be used to warm up by cuddling up.

The size is the primary distinction between this and a genuine bed blanket. Throw blankets typically measure 50 by 60 inches and are much thinner and smaller than natural blankets.

Throws may be used as décor in the bedroom, living room, or any other area of your UK house. However, blankets usually are exclusively used in bed.

Typically, they include creative, colorful, and amusing designs. Throw blankets created to display are the source of this.

High-quality ones are typically constructed of polyester, cotton, wool, and faux fur.


What Is the Difference Between a Throw and a Blanket?

The differences between blankets, afghans, and throws might be a little perplexing. 

On the one hand, they all offer warmth and can enhance the décor of a place, but there are some significant variations. 

Making wiser purchasing selections is easier if you distinguish between a throw and a blanket. 

Use our guide to blankets and throws to get the ideal items for your house.

Throws and Blankets Have More in Common Than You Might Imagine

How To Style A Throw Blanket On A Bed? 9 Creative Ways

Are you curious about what a throw is? Throws are a particular kind of blanket that is also referred to as throw blankets. 

Throws are legally considered to be blankets. However, not all blankets are throws. A blanket can be any kind of cover intended to offer warmth.

 A throw and a blanket differ significantly, yet they both serve the same purpose—keeping you warm—for the most part.


Size Factors

The size is the primary distinction between a blanket and a throw. The dimensions of blankets and other forms of bedding are often based on beds, such as fleece blankets. 

In other words, they are available in twin, queen, or king sizes to fit beds.


In contrast, the proportions of a typical throw blanket are 50 inches by 36 inches. Afghans may be found in a variety of sizes and forms.

In essence, the throw blanket’s size ensures that only one person can comfortably use it, unlike many people who can snuggle up beneath a regular blanket. 

A blanket can also be placed on a bed to provide additional warmth. However, a throw should not be used on bedding where more than one person is operating. 

Throw blankets, however, serve their vital purposes.


Design and Material

Although blankets and throws are both intended to keep you warm, there are significant differences in the materials and designs.

The cloth used to make blankets is often one giant piece. These materials, such as fleece, flannels, or wool, are made to keep you warm. 

Even though comforters are essentially a blanket, these blankets occasionally have a stitched edge like other blankets.


On the other hand, throws also have knitted elements. They might be built from pricey materials like crushed velvet, faux fur, chenille, or satin. 

Last but not least, throws frequently feature a fringe feature, like tassels or additional fabric, on the side. 

The blanket seems more luxurious because of the texture the fringe lends to the overall impression. 

As a result, many individuals enjoy curling up with throws in communal spaces, including on couches in living rooms or their favorite chairs. 

Compared to a regular blanket on your bed, they feel cozier. Throws and afghans are related, but afghans are made exclusively of knitted or crocheted fabrics.

 Initially, the word “afghan” referred to knitted yarn squares. The Afghani tribes that made these blankets promoted them.


Is It Decor or Not? That is the Issue

How To Style A Throw Blanket On A Bed

The decor is another difference between blankets and throws. The more practical use of blankets is to keep you warm. 

Sometimes they are hidden behind your bed clothes so they aren’t visible. Throw blankets, on the other hand, are more often used for decoration than keeping people warm. 

Throw blankets are frequently used for more than just cuddling up while watching Netflix and resting.

They are asked on the backs of chairs and couches. Throws may give distinctive charm to any area when combined with other decorative items. 

Like throws, afghans are also available in smaller sizes and are utilized as decorative accents in interior design.



How do you style a throw-over bed?

Instead of draping it across your bed diagonally, choose to fold it.

 According to designer Tracey Sawyer of Sawyer & Company, “Depending on the length, split the blanket in half or thirds and then drape it vertically across the edge of the bed to get an asymmetrical effect that still feels brought together.”



Learning how to style a throw blanket on a bed is easy. It is an easy and enjoyable way to improve the aesthetics and add style to the area. 

Throws also help to give a touch of elegance and make your space cozier and more welcoming.

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