how to sit on boppy pillow after bbl

The best and most effective way to sit on a boppy pillow after your BBL surgery is a very sensitive procedure that requires careful attention.  In order to have proper knowledge of how to sit on boppy pillow after bbl and explore more about it, this blog post will help you. 

The best and most effective way to recover from your Brazilian Butt Lift successfully may be to avoid sitting on your buttocks directly for a few weeks (BBL) and use a boppy pillow underneath your thighs.  

If sitting is necessary for you at the office, in a car, or even on the plane, you can sit with the help of a boppy pillow after your bbl surgery.   

A boppy pillow is specially designed to provide maximum comfort when you feel pretty sore after getting your bbl surgery

The shape and soft material of the boppy pillow help pressure to offload from the buttock to the posterior thigh. This is why a boppy pillow is considered the best choice.


What is About a Boppy Pillow: 

How to Sit on Boppy Pillow After BBL

Boppy Pillows are a special type of pillows that are designed to provide the highest level of comfort to the users. 

Other than providing comfort while sitting, it has many different uses such as used in sleeping, breastfeeding, etc. 

The main objective of writing this article is to elaborately explain how to properly sit on a boppy pillow after bbl surgery and how you all can be benefitted from reading this informative article.

Although the use of boppy pillows seems funny to many people, in fact, it is beneficial to use.  A variety of sizes and shapes of the pillow are available in the market for people of all heights and weights. 

The variety of boppy pillows: 

Various categories of boppy pillows are as the followings:-

Ordinary Pillow: 

This U-shape pillow matches the buttocks and is mostly preferred by patients going through aesthetic buttock surgery. This is affordable, easily washable, and findable.  

Nursing Pillow:  

The nursing pillows are designed for multipurpose use but these pillows are basically useful for baby breastfeeding.  This is a hard material good. 

Eco-friendly Pillow: 

This is an eco-friendly pillow because the material it uses is eco-friendly.  The design of this pillow is better than a regular boppy pillow and can be washed. It is suitable for bbl recovery treatment as a boppy pillow. 

Tips for reducing discomfort in the backside while healing from a buttocks lift.

How to Sit on Boppy Pillow After BBL

During BBL recovery, you can use these three tricks to make your behind more comfortable:

Due to physical activities pressure increases on the buttocks therefore, BBL patients are strongly suggested not to do any exercise or swimming for early effective recovery.  

The best decision for a BBL patient is to refrain from sitting directly on her buttock in order to have an effective recovery from a bbl surgery.

Make use of a boppy pillow to relieve stress on your lower back whenever you have to sit for an extended period of time 

The shape and softness of the boppy pillow facilitate the transfer of pressure from the buttock to the posterior thigh. Therefore, a boppy pillow is regarded as the best option.

The recommended recovery time for bbl surgery includes resting and taking it easy without engaging in strenuous activities like sweetening.

This will help reduce the likelihood of developing an infection or experiencing any other complications.

Sitting for long periods during bbl surgery strains the buttocks.

Featured that have made Boppy Pillows the best for BBL 

Two main features of a boppy pillow make it a multipurpose pillow. One is softness and the other one is its shape. These two factors have a tremendous influence on the users for selecting a boppy pillow 


Boppy pillows are made of soft materials for sure. It has a soft surface and filler. This pillow has become a great one for its softness.  

It has multipurpose use such as use for soft and comfortable sleep for your babies, alternatively used for recovery from BBL surgery, and sometimes can be used for neck support and breastfeeding purposes. 


With softness boppy pillows also have charming characteristics such as good shape. It has shapes like alphabet “C” and “U”, both are convenient shapes for your BBL recovery.    

Instead of sitting on their buttocks, the users use boppy pillows for comfortable sitting.  

How to Sit on Boppy Pillow After BBL

What are the recommendations for sitting on the boppy pillow after bbl

Different doctors and consultants have different ideas about how to sit on boppy pillows correctly after BBL surgery.  A  few suggestions made by the doctors and consultants are mentioned here for providing knowledge to the patients who have gone through a BBL surgery

It is strongly recommended by doctors to avoid sitting directly on your butt which you must maintain with care for a few weeks for effective recovery in time. It’s important to remember that sitting directly on the butts can move the fat cells which will create complications in your BBL surgery.

After three to four weeks from the date of your BBL surgery, you can sit on your posterior thighs by placing a boppy pillow underneath for the first time.  This way, your buttocks will be positioned without pressure.

The use of rolled towels under the knees and behind the back can make sitting in a chair more comfortable. You can sit comfortably without stressing your posterior.

The alternative is to sit with the chair’s back in front of you, your legs out to the sides, and your buttocks resting on the floor with comfort.

To increase one’s level of comfort while seated, try placing rolled towels under one’s knees and behind one’s back. The chair doesn’t put any strain on your backside. 

How to Sit on Boppy Pillow After BBL

Characteristics of boppy pillows are in detail: 

Product Comparison at a glance

Product Name: Boppy Nursing Pillow – Bare Naked | Breastfeeding and Bottle Feeding, Propping Baby, Tummy Time, Sitting Support | Just a pillow  Product Name: BRAZILIAN BUTT LIFT BBL PILLOW FOR CAR, DRIVING, RIDING, SITTING Product Name: Airplane u shape memory foam car travel pillow neck pillow
Brand: BoppyRatings: 4.8Material: 100% PolyesterColor : White Brand: Bombshell Booty Pillow, AossaRatings: 4Material: FoamColor : Black   Brand: ZoiuytrgRatings: 4Material: High-quality Memory FoamColor: Black, white, blue, etc.

Pillow name: Boppy Nursing Pillow – Bare Naked | Breastfeeding and Bottle Feeding, Propping Baby, Tummy Time, Sitting Support | Just a pillow 

• It has a high customer rating which is 4.8 out of 5.0

• This pillow comes in a variety of colors and dimensions

• it also features unique shapes like “C” and “U” shapes.

• This highly soft product is made of 80% Polyester and 205 cotton

• This pillow is washable by machine for hygienic purposes

• Uses: This is just a pillow but not for sleeping, it can be used as a breastfeeding pillow, this Pillow provides relief to your arms and back by lifting you to a more ergonomic position.  This pillow is very much preferred by BBL surgery patients for recovery. 



• This s a specially designed pillow to aid in sitting while driving during your BBL recovery

• It will keep your buttocks elevated by transferring the pressure of sitting normally to your upper thighs.

• It sits perfectly in the car seat when you driving

• The form-fitting design keeps your thighs in place for a worry-free, comfortable drive.

• This cushion Can be used anywhere a seat is needed besides driving.

• The color black is available for purchase.

• This pillow has measurements of 15 1/2 inches by 9 inches by 4 inches.

• you can pay it off in 4 payments every two weeks.


Airplane u shape memory foam car travel pillow neck pillow

• This U shape pillow provides comfort and good neck support

• Since it relieves pressure so can be used while traveling by car, airplane, train, etc during recovery from BBL surgery  

• It has multiple applications for traveling, camping, watching television, etc.

• Pillowcases can be removed and washed independently.

• The product is manufactured with 100% polyester to retain its durability

• This Product Is Available In Various Colors


People frequently ask those questions:

Can you use boppy pillows for plane travel or driving?

If you thinking about how to use bbl pillow in the car or while driving any vehicle then this pillow may increase your confidence level.   This BBL recovery driving pillow is a lifesaver if you need to get behind the wheel. Your buttocks will be supported, and the strain of regular sitting will be distributed to your thighs.

It offers the highest level of relaxation by molding your thighs and lifting your back off the seat.

The form-fitting design of this BBL pillow holds your thighs securely in place so you can drive in comfort.

It is useful not just for the car but for any situation where you might need to take a seat

How long do you have to use boppy pillow after a BBL?

Consult your surgeon for the answer.

Managing the post-operative system each surgeon has her own style and procedure.   

For an early and effective recovery, some doctors recommend their BBL patients use a boppy pillow for two weeks while others suggest for eight during recovery.


Is a BBL pillow really needed?

Sitting with a bbl pillow is a safety measure for you that may save you from serious damage to the cells that results in a prolonged recovery.  

Additionally, boppy pillows are made to relieve pressure from your butt to your thighs as you sit down to recover from a bbl surgery.

It is beneficial to use a BBL pillow for a few weeks during recovery after a BBL surgery when you are able to sit.


Worrying about the new situation concerned patients frequently ask many questions regarding boppy pillows during their recovery after a bbl surgery.. This article has tried to answer all of the questions according to the opinions and recommendations made by professional specialists

This article has effectively covered how to use a boppy pillow after a bbl, whether using one has any benefits, how much they cost, where and how long you can use them, and other topics..

Boppy pillows with different shapes and prices are available at the marketplaces. Users’ reviews of Boppy pillows have contributed valuable information for potential buyers to make their purchase decision easier.

The findings of our research have revealed that following the recommendations of professional specialists using a boppy pillow is beneficial for effective recovery from a BBL surgery.


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