If you are searching for one of the best memory foam mattresses within your budget, the Lucid mattress will come first on your selected list.

However, only the low cost doesn’t indicate whether the product is good or bad. Hence there are supposed to be some other parameters, which determine the product quality.

Lucid mattress does not only provides a foam mattress but rather this brand also offers more- foam mattress cover including other bedding accessories. So people who cannot afford more memory foam mattresses, feel better with the Lucid mattresses.

Now as fiberglass particles are the most hazardous substances often found in the foam mattress, so it’s a frequent question that comes to lucid users, does a lucid mattress have fiberglass? If no, then okay. But if yes, what to do next?

Let’s got the answer with its explanation-


Does Lucid Mattress Have Fiberglass?

Does Lucid Mattress Have Fiberglass?

Most lucid mattresses are reported to have fiberglass. But lucid brands never agree on this fact. Moreover, they always advertise and do promotional activities saying that their matters are free from fiberglass!

So almost 80 % of the lucid mattresses contain fiberglass.

Especially memory foam or innerspring mattresses are more prone to be produced using all potentially dangerous Materials. These potentially dangerous materials can produce a fire hazard after that. Both the lucid regular mattress or the memory foam mattresses all are reported to contain the fiberglass particles.

Another interesting fact is, that the Lucid, Nectar Mattress, Zinus mattresses, and many other reputed brands are also reported to use fiberglass potential materials. Already some incidents already come in front about the fiberglass existence.


However, fiberglass is the responsible agent to produce skin irritations and severe breathing complications. So if any customers want to avoid fire hazards, need to buy a fiberglass-free mattress or she or he needs to use the fiberglass fire retardant into the mattress.

Fiberglass materials are more or less common in many foam brands, like the Lucid Regular Mattress, Lucid Memory Foam Mattress, and others as well.

Mattress manufacturer use this material to bring more comfortable features. They blend fiberglass with other construction materials. So when this material used inside of the mattress, they can serve to protect against fire and heat exposure. That means it can act as a fire protector.

The problem arise if there is any hole in your mattress. In that case, the fiberglass directly exposed to the environment and becomes the potential for the firing and abrasion of the mattress.

If there is a a fiberglass-safe mattress protector exists on your bed, it will protect the fiberglass exposing. Instead of the commercial fiberglass-safe mattress protector, you can also use a another layer of bedding, a mattress cover etc.


Lucid Mattresses Construction/What are Lucid Mattresses Made Of?

Does Lucid Mattress Have Fiberglass

Todays foam mattress is not only a single layer! Rather they are made with multilayer combining dedicated ingredients on each layer. Lucid is also the same, it has two layers. The top layer is made with infused gel memory. This layer is 3 inches in size. The base layer is of high-density poly foam.


So, Lucid mattresses are made of many materials to make them more firm, comfortable, and durable. The various thickness of these materials also depends on their various construction. The construction of lucid foam complete with-

  • Gel-infused Memory Foam
  • Latex (in 10 inches Lucid hybrid mattress)
  • Independently-Encased Steel Coils
  • A breathable layer of Lyocell and Polyester

The latex inside this mattress ensures it will deteriorate over some years. These foams are meant to serve for you minimum of 10 to 13 years. However, in the meanwhile, after at least 10 years of use, it starts crumbling!


The more latex inside the mattress, the more possibility to release a less carbon footprint. So like other poor quality mattresses, which are constructed through polyurethane plus memory foam, latex does not release off-gassing toxic chemicals after many years of usage.

One question related to lucid construction is why this is so cheap. the easy answer is it is constructed in China. So it is less expensive. China already has a reputation to produce cheap materials which rarely are durable. Rarely these products maintain the safety standards.

However, mattresses with high brands and high prices, even in china also could be fiberglass free. You just need to be sure about their label claim.

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What is the Purpose of Fiberglass? Why Does Lucid Use It?

Fiberglass is a low-cost thermal barrier, it is used in the foam mattress as a fire retardant. Yes, Fiberglass itself is a low-cost fire retardant. So if anyhow your mattress catches the fire, this fiberglass inner portion of your mattress will protect the mattress interior from fire contract.

A foam mattress gives you a comfortable, cozy sleep over the whole night! But on the other side of the coin is not what you expect really! Especially all memory foam are made with flammable materials. So these are highly flammable.

Besides the flammable purpose, the fiberglass dust exposing to the human body can create some major problems like skin irritation, inhalation problem etc.

To pose the fiberglass leaks, memory foam mattress works own shelf. The addition of a double-layer cut. or the foam mattress cover-may come in the help to stop the fiberglass leak.


Are All Mattresses Made With Fiberglass?

Does Lucid Mattress Have Fiberglass

Not at all. The percentage of the fiberglass presence depends on the mattress quality and the cost. The cheap and the low-quality mattress contain a higher amounts of fiberglass thus fiberglass contamination occurs badly.

Mattress with poly foam,mattress manufactured in China, and memory mattress lower in price (less than $600) contains fiberglass higher in amount.

To avoid the fiberglass insulating material inside your mattress, ensure you are purchasing it from reputed brands, also ensure its price is relatively high.

Also you can see the label claim by the manufacturer, it will be labeled saying XX% glass fibers. If the label of the foam mattress also says “Do not remove the cover,” that means it also has fiberglass as the interior infusion, which could emit fiberglass dust to the outer air/environment.


Is Fiberglass Safe In A Mattress?

Yes, it is safe, but only when it stays inside the mattress. When this fiberglass somehow exposes to the air, it causes fiberglass contamination, which even can damage your lungs, and also can do other severe health issues.

Glass and reinforced plastic-these two ingredients combined made the fiberglass. Therefore lengthy fiberglass contamination even can wreak havoc on your body weight too.

So is there any way to stop the potential damage that occurs by the fiberglass? Only if you are aware of your health. Like you can stop buying the poorly graded foam mattress, and also can use a double-layer cut in the middle of the foam mattress and the bed cover.

However using a mattress cover also could stop the fiberglass contamination significantly.


Best Foam Mattresses: Without Fiberglass Particles:

Does lucid mattress have fiberglass

Unfortunately, all popular mattresses contain fiberglass. the reason behind this is perhaps the low cost of such mattresses. To make the best foam mattress list, when I visit Amazon, you will not believe I found minimum of 15 to 18 mattresses on the top sellers list, which all are made with fiberglass.

The lucid mattress has frequent reviews saying they have fiberglass. Lot of people purchased these mattress thinking these were fiberglass free. Whatever! Yes, lucid declare that their mattress releases lower VOC (which are emits by the fiberglass material).


However, Lucid is not only brands, its just an example of the best foam producer. Several companies are following various tricks and ways to make their mattress flame-resistant without using fiberglass insulation.

3 best foam mattresses without fiber particles are as follows-

Novilla 12 Inch King Size Mattress Product

Why it is best?

  • Affordable
  • Soft To Touch
  • Enhanced Breathability
  • Sleep Cooler
  • Smart Airflow
  • Bamboo Rayon Fiber Made

Marley 10 Inch Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattresses

Why it is best for?

  • Enhanced Cooling Impacts
  • Perfect For all Sleeping Positions
  • Sturdy Based Foam
  • Affordable
  • CertiPUR-US®certified

Casper Sleep Original Hybrid Mattress, Queen Mattress

Why it is best?

  • Allow eventual spinal alignment
  • Enhanced air circulation by AirScapeTM
  • Certified by Sleep Lab & CertiPUR-US certified
  • Quality an extreme level



Does the Lucid 12-inch hybrid mattress have fiberglass?

Though Lucid does not claim yes about their fiberglass content, but already seen several negative customer reviews about this hybrid mattress. Customers reviewed the fiberglass contained in this mattress. And the fiberglass layer also leaks through the lucid mattress covers as well!

Does Lucid Mattress Have Fiberglass
Does Lucid Mattress Have Fiberglass

What are Lucid mattresses made of?

A gel-infused memory foam along with the density foam layer. However, some other items like latex, spring coil, and breathable Lyocell and Polyester layers also are found in the lucid mattress.

Is a Lucid mattress made of fiberglass?

Yes, lucid mattresses are reported to be made with a fiberglass infusion layer. Yes, Lucid refuges about the fiberglass presence inside their regular mattress, but already a few customer points we observed the fiberglass existence inside Lucid.

 What is the composition of Lucid mattresses? Do they contain fiberglass?

Lucid mattresses are known for their quality and comfort. While some mattress brands use fiberglass as a fire retardant, checking the specific Lucid mattress model for its materials list is essential.

Why is there concern about fiberglass in mattresses?

When used in mattresses, fiberglass is typically employed as a fire barrier. However, concerns arise due to potential health risks if fiberglass particles become airborne and are inhaled. Thus, many consumers prefer mattresses without fiberglass.

Does Lucid use alternative fire retardants in their mattresses?

Lucid is dedicated to ensuring the safety and comfort of its customers. They might use other safe and approved fire retardants if they do not use fiberglass in specific models. Always check the product label or the company’s official website for details.

How can I check if my Lucid mattress contains fiberglass?

To determine if your Lucid mattress contains fiberglass, refer to the product’s tag, usually on the mattress’s side. You can also visit Lucid’s official website or contact customer service for detailed information.

Are there any health risks associated with fiberglass in mattresses?

If contained properly, fiberglass in mattresses shouldn’t pose a direct health risk. However, suppose the mattress cover is removed or damaged. In that case, fiberglass particles can become airborne, leading to potential respiratory issues if inhaled.

Do all memory foam mattresses contain fiberglass?

No, not all memory foam mattresses contain fiberglass. While some manufacturers use fiberglass as a fire barrier, others opt for alternative materials. Always check the product specifications or consult the manufacturer for accurate information.

Can I wash my Lucid mattress cover if it has fiberglass?

If your Lucid mattress contains fiberglass, it’s crucial not to remove or wash the mattress cover. Doing so could release fiberglass particles. Always refer to the care instructions provided by Lucid for your specific mattress model.

What should I do if I suspect my Lucid mattress is releasing fiberglass?

If you suspect your Lucid mattress is releasing fiberglass, avoid direct contact. Consider contacting Lucid customer service or a professional for guidance on safe handling and potential replacement options.


Final Verdict:

Does Lucid Mattress Have Fiberglass

Let’s wrap our today’s session saying two wonderful tips on foam mattress using. Always try to use a foam mattress protector so that the fiberglass contamination can’t reach you. Also do not remove the mattress covers.

However, that’s all on does lucid mattress have fiberglass or not! If you are using Lucid, this article must make you aware of yourself and your family!

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