Delve deep into our 2023 head-to-head review of Saatva and Nectar mattresses. Discover which delivers the comfort, support, and durability you need. Make the best choice for a good night’s sleep.

Saatva Mattress vs Nectar: An In-depth 2023 Comparison

Sleep is essential, and so is the surface you sleep on. As the mattress industry evolves, two brands have consistently garnered attention: Saatva and Nectar. Let’s dive deep into a comparison of these two giants.


Overview: Saatva and Nectar at a Glance

Brand History

 Saatva, often touted for its luxury mattresses, has been in the industry for over a decade. On the other hand, Nectar, while newer, boasts of its memory foam prowess and has rapidly grown in popularity since its inception.

Popularity and Reputation

 Both brands have carved out their niches. Saatva targets those who want a plush, hotel-like mattress, and Nectar appeals to memory foam aficionados.

Materials and Construction: What Sets Them Apart?

saatva’s Unique Build 

Saatva mattresses are synonymous with luxury.

Coil-on-Coil Structure 

This design involves two spring coils layers, providing support and comfort. The bottom layer offers a steady base, while the upper layer contours the body.

Eco-friendly Covering 

With a focus on sustainability, Saatva’s mattresses feature organic cotton covers that are soft and eco-conscious.

Nectar’s Construction

Layered Memory Foam

 Nectar mattresses offer multiple layers of memory foam. This structure ensures support and pressure relief, allowing sleepers to feel like they are floating on a cloud.


Saatva Mattress vs Nectar
Saatva Mattress vs Nectar


Breathable Cover 

Besides the memory foam layers, Nectar mattresses have a breathable Tencel cover, ensuring a cooler night’s sleep.

Comfort Levels: saatva’s Coil System vs. Nectar’s Memory Foam

The Feel of Saatva

 Imagine sleeping on a fluffy cloud but with ample support beneath. That’s Saatva for you. The coil-on-coil system gives it a bouncy feel, while the plush top offers supreme comfort.

Nectar’s Cloud-like Comfort 

Nectar offers a classic memory foam feel for those who enjoy being cradled. Its design ensures you sink in just right without feeling trapped.

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Pricing: Getting the Best Bang for Your Buck

saatva’s Price Points

 Saatva targets the luxury market, and its pricing reflects that. However, considering the build quality and materials, it offers excellent value.

Nectar’s Affordability 

Nectar, while not the cheapest on the market, offers competitive pricing. Their frequent discounts and bundled offers make them a strong contender for budget-conscious sleepers looking for quality.

Durability and Longevity: Which Mattress Lasts Longer?

Selecting a long-lasting mattress is crucial, not just for your pocket but also for your comfort.

Materials Used

Saatva utilizes eco-friendly materials, ensuring a blend of luxury and sustainability. It’s coil-on-coil construction and top layer of organic cotton promise durability.

On the other hand, Nectar is famous for its memory foam mattress. Its high-density foam ensures longevity and consistent support over the years.

Lifespan Expectations

On average, Saatva mattresses can last anywhere between 7-10 years with proper care, thanks to their sturdy construction.

Nectar claims a slightly longer lifespan for its memory foam mattresses, with many users reporting their mattress feeling as good as new even after a decade.

Trial Periods, Returns, and Warranties: What You Need to Know

When investing in something as personal as a mattress, trial periods and warranties become immensely significant.

saatva’s Policies

Offering a 180-night trial, Saatva allows ample time for you to decide if it’s the right fit. Their 15-year warranty speaks volumes about their confidence in product longevity.

Nectar’s Policies

Nectar goes further with a 365-night trial, giving you a full year to test it. Their lifetime warranty is a testament to the mattress’s durability.

Customer Reviews: Real Opinions from Verified Buyers

Hearing directly from those who’ve slept on it can be a game-changer.

Feedback on Saatva

Most Saatva users rave about its luxurious feel and support. Some, however, feel it might be a bit on the firmer side.

Feedback on Nectar

Nectar users often praise the mattress’s comfort and value for money. But, a few have pointed out it takes a while for the mattress to expand fully after unboxing.

Which One Tops the Rating?

On average, both mattresses have garnered positive reviews, with Nectar having a slight edge in terms of customer satisfaction.


Saatva Mattress vs Nectar
Saatva Mattress vs Nectar


Firmness and Support: How Do They Measure Up?

We all have our preferences regarding the feel of a mattress. Some like a bed that hugs them, while others prefer one that offers resilience and bounce.

sattva’s Level of Firmness

Saatva mattresses come in three levels of firmness: plush soft, luxury firm, and firm. Whether you’re a side sleeper, back sleeper, or a combination of both, Saatva has got you covered.

Nectar’s Commitment to Support

Nectar, on the other hand, offers a medium-firm feel. It’s designed to provide a balance of support and comfort, making it an excellent choice for the average sleeper.

The Feel Factor: Comfort at Its Best

Remember sinking into a cloud-soft pillow after a long day? That’s the feel factor – a mattress’s ability to comfortably cradle your body. Saatva and Nectar excel in this department, though in their unique ways.

Temperature Regulation: Staying Cool and Comfortable

Nothing disrupts sleep like a hot, stuffy mattress. Fortunately, both Saatva and Nectar prioritize temperature regulation.

saatva’s Cooling Technology

Saatva uses an organic cotton cover and a euro pillow top that helps in air circulation. Combine that with the individually wrapped coils, and you get a breathable and cool mattress.

Nectar’s Breathable Design

Nectar mattresses feature a gel memory foam layer that regulates temperature by drawing away heat. The Tencel cooling cover also wicks away moisture, ensuring a comfortable sleep environment.

Final Verdict: Saatva or Nectar – Which is Right for You?

Both Saatva and Nectar have their strengths. Your choice ultimately depends on your personal preferences and needs.

Benefits of Saatva

  • Three firmness options to choose from.
  • Durable and eco-friendly construction.
  • Excellent edge support for those who like to use the entire bed surface.

Advantages of Nectar

  • A balanced medium-firm feel.
  • Excellent motion isolation, making it ideal for couples.
  • A longer trial period allows you to test the mattress for more.

Making the Final Decision

It’s like choosing between a hand-crafted coffee and a frothy latte. Both are delightful, but your preference will tilt the scale in favor of one. Consider your sleeping habits, preferences, and any specific needs, and you can’t go wrong with either choice.



When choosing between Saatva and Nectar, there must be a clear winner. Both offer outstanding products with unique features catering to different needs. Remember, the best mattress is the one that offers you a restful sleep night after night. So, trust your body, consider your preferences, and make a choice that ensures sweet dreams.



  1. How long is the trial period for both mattresses?
  • Saatva offers a 180-night trial, while Nectar offers a more extended 365-night trial.
  1. Do both brands offer free shipping?
  • Yes, both Saatva and Nectar offer free shipping to their customers.
  1. Which mattress is better for side sleepers?
  • While both can cater to side sleepers, Saatva’s plush soft option might particularly appeal to them.
  1. Are both mattresses hypoallergenic?
  • Both mattresses are made with high-quality materials that resist common allergens. However, always check product specifics if you have severe allergies.
  1. Can I finance my mattress purchase?
  • Yes, Saatva and Nectar offer financing options, making it easier to invest in quality sleep.


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