Serta Pillow ReviewsSerta Pillow Reviews

Discover the truth behind Serta pillows through our comprehensive, unbiased reviews. Find out which Serta pillow suits you best for an ultimate night’s sleep!

 History and Reputation of Serta Brand

Serta is a brand that has long been associated with premium bedding products. Established in 1931, Serta merged with local mattress producers throughout the United States. The goal was to provide a uniform range of goods that customers could rely on for comfort and quality.

Over the past nine decades, Serta has consistently led the bedding market by developing cutting-edge designs and technology that enhance sleep. The company revolutionized the market by introducing the Sertapedic mattress in the 1950s, the Perfect Sleeper mattress in the 1970s, and the iComfort sleep system in 2011.

As a result of its commitment to innovation and quality, Serta has garnered an excellent reputation. Many of its products, including pillows, are used in top hotel chains worldwide. This high recognition level proves the brand’s success in delivering comfortable, durable, and technologically advanced bedding products.

Top 3 picks Serta Pillows (Quick Buying)

  1. Serta Perfect Sleeper Standard/Queen Bed Pillows 

2. Serta Gel Memory Foam Side Sleeper Pillow

3. Serta Perfect Sleeper Copper Infused Memory Foam Pillow

Varieties of Serta Pillows: A Quick Overview

Serta offers various pillows to suit various sleep preferences and needs. The different types of pillows you can find in their selection are listed briefly here:

  • Tempur-Pedic Pillow: For exceptional comfort and support- these pillows adapt to the shape of your head and neck. Serta offers traditional memory foam as well as gel-infused variations for extra cooling.
  • Down and Down-Alternative Pillows: Serta provides pillows filled with down or down-alternative fibers for those who prefer a more traditional feel. These pillows are soft and fluffy, providing a plush sleeping surface.
  • Bed Pillows: Serta’s pillows come in various shapes, sizes, and materials to meet individual sleep needs. Whether you’re a side, back, or stomach sleeper, you can find a pillow that offers the right balance of softness and support.
  • Specialty Pillows: Serta also offers specialty pillows, including pregnancy pillows, travel pillows and pillows designed to alleviate specific problems like snoring or acid reflux. These pillows are designed with specific shapes or features to provide targeted support.


Serta continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in sleep comfort. Their various pillows, materials, and designs are excellent examples. No matter your preference or need, a Serta pillow is designed to provide a comfortable, rejuvenating night’s sleep.

Serta Pillow Reviews
Serta Pillow Reviews

Deep Dive into Serta Pillow Reviews

To understand the quality and comfort of Serta pillows, it can be helpful to look at product reviews. This section delves deeper into customer reviews for three of Serta’s popular pillow offerings: the Perfect Sleeper, iComfort, and Stay Cool pillows.

 Review: Serta Perfect Sleeper Pillow

The Serta Perfect Sleeper Pillow is designed to provide a balance of comfort and support. Many reviewers appreciate the pillow’s firm yet plush feel, which supports the head and neck without being too complicated.

Customers also praise its versatility, stating that it works well for all sleeping positions: side, back, and stomach. Additionally, the Perfect Sleeper Pillow is often praised for its durability. 

 Review: Serta iComfort Pillow

The Serta iComfort Pillow utilizes the brand’s proprietary TempActiv cooling technology, making it a favorite among those who sleep hot. Many users highlight its excellent cooling properties, stating that it helps to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night.

Additionally, the memory foam in the iComfort Pillow receives high marks for its contouring properties. Reviewers state that it molds to the shape of their head and neck, providing personalized support that helps to relieve pressure points.

However, some reviews note that the pillow might be too thick for some, particularly for stomach sleepers who prefer a flatter pillow. And while most users appreciate the cooling technology, a few mention that they didn’t notice a significant temperature difference.

Review: Serta Stay Cool Pillow

The Serta Stay Cool Pillow features a unique design with cooling gel memory foam on one side for hotter nights and standard memory foam on the other for regular-temperature nights. This design is highly praised by users who appreciate the flexibility and adaptability to changing temperatures.

Reviews highlight the comfort and supportive nature of the Stay Cool Pillow, with several users mentioning improved sleep quality. The cooling gel, in particular, is often mentioned as a great feature that keeps the user cool throughout the night.

On the downside, a few reviewers mentioned that the pillow is a bit heavier than expected, and some found the memory foam side too firm. However, the Stay Cool Pillow enjoys a favorable reception for its innovative design and effective cooling technology.

 Serta Gel Pillow Reviews

Serta’s Gel Pillows, made with premium gel-infused memory foam, receive high marks from users who value the balance of comfort and support they provide. Reviewers often highlight the pillow’s ability to contour to the head and neck shape, relieving pressure points and promoting proper alignment.

Moreover, the gel infusion is praised for its cooling properties, with users reporting that it helps to dissipate heat and maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night. However, a few users mentioned that the pillow might be too firm for their liking, emphasizing that comfort levels can depend on personal preferences.

Serta Cooling Pillow Reviews

Serta Cooling Pillow Reviews

The Serta Cooling Pillows have garnered positive feedback for their effective temperature-regulating properties. Users love that these pillows help to prevent overheating, offering a relaxed and refreshing sleep surface that is particularly beneficial for hot sleepers.

The blend of cooling technology and supportive memory foam also receives praise for delivering comfort and support. However, some users suggest that the cooling effect could be more pronounced, and a few found the pillow a little too lofty or firm, pointing out the need for personalized comfort in pillow selection.

 Serta Scrunch Pillow Reviews

The Serta Scrunch Pillows, named for their adjustable and moldable nature, are lauded for their versatility. Users appreciate the ability to “scrunch” the pillow into the shape that provides them the most comfort and support.

Many reviews state this pillow is excellent for all sleeping positions, as it can be shaped to provide optimal neck and head support. On the downside, some users feel that the pillow could use more filling, and a few have mentioned that it takes time to get used to manipulating the pillow for the perfect shape.

Serta Arctic Pillow Reviews

Serta’s Arctic Pillows are praised for their advanced cooling technology. With their breathable and cooling cover and gel-infused memory foam, they are designed to provide a consistently excellent sleeping surface. Many users confirm the effectiveness of these features, stating that they help to reduce night sweats and promote a night of more restful sleep.

Despite its cooling benefits, some users have found the Arctic Pillow too firm for their preferences. Others have suggested that while the pillow is initially cool, the cooling effect diminishes throughout the night.

 Serta Copper Pillow Reviews

The Serta Copper Pillows incorporate copper-infused memory foam, a feature that users find innovative and beneficial. Reviews highlight the hypoallergenic properties of copper, its ability to promote more relaxed sleep, and its potential to aid in skin rejuvenation.

In terms of comfort and support, users commend the Copper Pillow for its balanced feel. However, some users find the copper infusion does not significantly impact the cooling properties, and a few mention that the pillow is heavier than expected.

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Materials and Construction of Serta Pillows

Serta’s commitment to quality and comfort is evident in the materials used and the construction techniques employed in the production of their pillows. From innovative foam technologies to breathable covers, Serta’s attention to detail ensures a premium sleep experience.

Exploring Serta Pillow Materials

Serta uses various high-quality materials in its pillows, each selected for its unique properties and potential benefits for sleepers.

  • Memory Foam: This is a core material for many Serta pillows. Memory foam is known for its ability to contour to the head and neck shape, providing personalized comfort and support. It can help to relieve pressure points and promote proper alignment.
  • Gel-Infused Memory Foam: Serta uses memory foam infused with cooling gel in some pillows. This gel helps to dissipate heat, helping to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night.
  • Copper-Infused Memory Foam: Some Serta pillows use memory foam infused with copper, which has natural antimicrobial properties. The copper infusion also adds a cooling element to the memory foam.
  • Down and Down-Alternative Fibers: Serta uses down and down-alternative fibers in some of its pillows for a more traditional feel. These materials are soft and fluffy, providing a plush sleeping surface.
  • Cooling Fabrics: Many Serta pillows feature covers made from cooling fabrics. These breathable fabrics help wick away moisture, keeping the sleeper cool and comfortable.

Understanding Serta Pillow Construction and Design

The construction and design of Serta pillows reflect their commitment to quality, comfort, and innovation.

  • Contouring Design: Many Serta pillows are designed to contour to the shape of the sleeper’s head and neck. This can provide personalized comfort and support, helping to relieve pressure points and promote proper alignment.
  • Dual-Sided Design: Some Serta pillows feature a dual-sided design with different materials on each side. This allows sleepers to choose between two comfort levels or temperature experiences, depending on their preference.
  • Gusseted Construction: Some pillows in the Serta range feature a gusseted construction, which can help to provide additional loft and maintain the pillow’s shape over time.
  • Ventilated Design: In some of their cooling pillows, Serta incorporates ventilation. This helps to improve airflow through the pillow, further enhancing its temperature-regulating properties.

Comparing Serta Pillows: Which Is Right for You?

Serta offers a diverse range of pillows, each with unique benefits. Choosing the best one for your needs can depend on several factors, including your preferred sleep position, specific comfort preferences, and any special requirements, such as cooling properties or pressure relief.


Choosing the Best Serta Pillow: A Buyer’s Guide

  • Preferred Sleep Position: Your preferred sleep position is crucial in choosing a pillow. Side sleepers often need a firmer, thicker pillow to maintain proper spinal alignment. In contrast, stomach sleepers usually do well with a softer, thinner pillow. Back sleepers generally need a medium support pillow.
  • Material Preference: If you enjoy memory foam’s conforming, pressure-relieving feel, consider one of Serta’s or gel-infused memory foam pillows. Consider a down or down-alternative pillow with a softer, more plush feel.
  • Cooling Needs: If you sleep hot, consider a pillow with cooling properties. Serta’s gel-infused memory foam pillows, Arctic pillows, and specific models with cooling covers can help regulate temperature and keep you cool throughout the night.
  • Special Needs: If you have specific needs, such as snoring, neck pain, or pregnancy, consider Serta’s specialty pillows. These pillows have particular shapes or features to provide targeted support and relief.

Remember, the best pillow for you meets your needs and preferences, helping to ensure a comfortable and restful night’s sleep.


Real User Experiences: Customer Testimonials on Serta Pillows

Customer testimonials and reviews can provide real-life insights into the performance and comfort of Serta’s pillows. They offer invaluable perspectives from individuals who have experienced these products firsthand.

Serta Pillow User Satisfaction Survey Results

According to recent surveys, a significant majority of Serta pillow users report high levels of satisfaction. Many users praise the comfort, support, and durability of their Serta pillows, with specific highlights often including:

  • Comfort: Users often mention the comfortable and restful sleep they enjoy with their Serta pillows. Whether it’s the softness of the down-alternative pillows or the contouring feel of the memory foam models, comfort is a recurrent theme in user testimonials.
  • Support: Many users appreciate the support offered by Serta Pillows. They frequently mention reduced neck and back discomfort thanks to the supportive properties of these pillows.
  • Temperature Regulation: Users of Serta’s cooling pillows often commend their effectiveness in maintaining a comfortable sleeping temperature. This feature is particularly appreciated by hot sleepers.

       Durability: According to many consumers, despite heavy use, Serta pillows have remained comfortable and in good shape.


Despite the overwhelmingly excellent feedback, there are a few minor issues. Some people discovered particular pillows to be excessively firm or soft for their tastes, highlighting the significance of personal comfort when selecting a pillow.

In conclusion, user testimonials suggest high satisfaction with Serta pillows, with many users reporting improved sleep quality thanks to their comfort, support, and cooling properties. However, personal preference plays a significant role, emphasizing the need to choose a pillow that aligns with your specific needs and comfort preferences.


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