Kids Shared Bedroom Ideas

Creating a shared bedroom for kids is not just about saving space—it’s about fostering a sense of unity and cooperation. A well-designed shared bedroom can provide children with a personal sanctuary where they can play, learn, and rest together. The benefits of shared bedrooms extend beyond practicality; they teach kids valuable life lessons about sharing and compromise.

Design Concepts

 When it comes to shared bedrooms, the design should be inclusive and cater to the interests of all children. Gender-neutral themes are a fantastic way to create a cohesive look that appeals to everyone. Nature themes, such as forests or space, are popular choices that encourage imagination and wonder.


Bunk beds are a classic solution for shared bedrooms, especially when space is at a premium. They’re not only fun for kids but also incredibly functional. With the right design, bunk beds can incorporate storage, freeing up valuable floor space.

Organization and Layout 

Organization is key in a shared bedroom. Using IKEA cube shelves on their side can provide accessible storage for toys and books, keeping the room tidy and clutter-free. When it comes to layout, placing beds parallel with a shared nightstand can maximize space and provide a symmetrical look.


 Even in a shared room, it’s important for kids to have a space that feels like their own. This can be achieved through personalized bedding or artwork. For a boy and girl shared room, consider using a divider or curtain to give each child a sense of privacy while maintaining the room’s open feel.

15 Kids Shared Bedroom Ideas

  1. Gender-Neutral Forest Theme: Enchanting Forest Hideaway

Gender-Neutral Forest Theme

Transform the shared bedroom into a magical forest retreat. Use earthy tones like tans, greys, or greens for the walls. Add a wall mural featuring trees, animals, and woodland creatures. Consider hanging glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling for a whimsical touch.


2. Space Adventure Theme : Cosmic Dreams

Space Adventure Theme

Create a space-themed wonderland that appeals to both boys and girls. Paint the walls midnight blue or deep purple. Hang planet decals, rockets, and astronauts. Invest in a low bunk bed with a ladder resembling a spaceship. Add star-shaped pillows and constellation bedding.

Space Adventure Theme: Cosmic Dreams with walls painted midnight blue or deep purple


3. Rainbow Harmony Theme : Colorful Harmony

Rainbow Harmony Theme: Colorful Harmony with each wall painted a different color of the rainbow

Celebrate diversity with a rainbow-themed bedroom. Paint each wall a different color of the rainbow—red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Incorporate rainbow-striped curtains, bedding, and wall decals. Let each child choose their favorite color for personalized touches.

4. Under-the-Sea Adventure Theme : Oceanic Escape

Under-the-Sea Adventure Theme: Oceanic Escape with walls painted in shades of blue and turquoise

Dive into an undersea world! Paint the walls in shades of blue and turquoise. Hang fish and seashell mobiles from the ceiling. Use ocean-themed bedding and add a boat-shaped bookshelf. Consider a bunk bed resembling a ship’s cabin.


5. Vintage Travel Theme : Wanderlust Haven

Turn the shared room into a vintage travel escape. Use an old-world map as wallpaper or create a mural. Vintage suitcases can serve as storage or decor. Hang travel-themed posters or framed postcards. Add a globe and encourage exploration.

6. Creative Art Studio Theme : Little Picasso’s Den

Design a room that inspires creativity. Paint one wall with chalkboard paint for doodling and drawing. Set up an art easel with supplies. Hang a gallery wire for displaying kids’ artwork. Use colorful storage bins for art materials.

7. Magical Castle Theme : Royal Retreat

Create a fairytale castle right in the bedroom. Paint the walls with stone-like textures. Hang sheer curtains around the beds to mimic castle turrets. Add a medieval-style chandelier or lantern. Use rich, royal colors like deep purple and gold.

8. Farmhouse Chic Theme: Country Comfort

Farmhouse Chic Theme: Country Comfort

Embrace rustic charm with a farmhouse-inspired design. Use wooden accents, such as a barn-style bunk bed or wooden crates for storage. Hang vintage farm animal prints on the walls. Incorporate gingham or plaid bedding for a cozy feel.

9. Superhero Headquarters Theme : Super Siblings’ Lair

Superhero Headquarters Theme: Super Siblings’ Lair

Let the room be a superhero base. Paint the walls with cityscape murals. Hang superhero masks or capes as decor. Use comic book-style bedding. Add a bookshelf shaped like a skyscraper for storing superhero comics.

10. Enchanted Garden Theme : Whimsical Blooms

Enchanted Garden Theme: Whimsical Blooms with a garden-themed room

Bring the outdoors inside with a garden-themed room. Paint the walls a soft green or floral wallpaper. Hang flower garlands or fairy lights. Use flower-shaped knobs for drawers. Add a cozy reading nook with floral cushions.

11. Animal Safari Theme : Wild Adventures

Animal Safari Theme: Wild Adventures with a room transformed into an African safari

Transform the room into an African safari. Use neutral colors like beige and khaki. Hang animal prints or silhouettes on the walls. Add a bunk bed resembling a safari jeep. Use animal-shaped pillows and plush toys.

12. Vintage Toy Wonderland Theme: Nostalgic Playroom

Celebrate classic toys. Use retro toy posters or decals. Display vintage toy cars, dolls, or action figures on shelves. Consider a bunk bed with a built-in toy chest. Use primary colors for a playful vibe.

13. Sports Fanatic Theme: Game Day Retreat

Sports Fanatic Theme: Game Day Retreat with walls painted in team colors

If your kids love sports, create a sports-themed room. Paint the walls in team colors. Hang sports jerseys or pennants. Use a bunk bed with a soccer goal or basketball hoop. Add sports-themed bedding and a scoreboard clock.

14. Whimsical Fairytale Theme: Enchanted Dreams

Turn the room into a magical fairytale land. Paint the walls with soft pastels—pale pinks, blues, or lavender. Hang sheer curtains around the beds like castle drapes. Add a sparkling chandelier or fairy lights. Incorporate unicorn or dragon-themed decor for an extra touch of enchantment.

Whimsical Fairytale Theme: Enchanted Dreams with a room turned into a magical fairytale land, walls painted with soft pastels

15. Outer Space Adventure Theme: Cosmic Explorers

Blast off into space with an intergalactic bedroom. Paint the ceiling dark blue or black and add glow-in-the-dark stars. Hang planet mobiles or astronaut posters. Consider a bunk bed shaped like a rocket ship. Use metallic accents for a futuristic feel.

Outer Space Adventure Theme: Cosmic Explorers with a ceiling painted dark blue or black


Top 10  Kids Shared Bedroom Accessories

Stackable Storage Cubes: 


Versatile and can be arranged to fit any space.

Bunk Beds


A classic space-saver and a fun choice for kids sharing a room.

Hanging Organizers: 


For clothes, toys, or school supplies to maximize vertical space.

Adjustable Shelving: 


To accommodate growing needs and changing room layouts.

Clip-on Reading Lights: 


Individual ligh

Individual lights for bedtime reading without disturbing the other.

Matching Comforter Sets:


 To create a cohesive look while allowing for individuality.

Foldable Play Mats: 


Easy to store and perfect for shared playtime.

Personalized Wall Hooks:



 For each child to hang their belongings.

Space-Saving Desk Solutions:


 Like a fold-down desk that can be tucked away when not in use.

Decorative Room Dividers:


 Such as a bookcase or a screen to give a sense of personal space.


Final Thoughts

 Shared bedrooms are more than just a practical solution for families; they’re a canvas for creativity and collaboration. By incorporating gender-neutral themes, space-saving furniture, and personal touches, parents can create a room that their kids will love and remember fondly.



How can I ensure each child has their own space in a shared bedroom?

Use dividers, curtains, or different color schemes to designate individual areas.

What are some gender-neutral themes for shared bedrooms?

Nature, space, and animals are great gender-neutral themes that kids tend to love.

How can I maximize storage in a small shared bedroom?

Opt for furniture with built-in storage, like bunk beds with drawers or beds with storage underneath.

Are there any layout tips for shared bedrooms?

Keep the layout symmetrical and consider loft beds to free up floor space for play and study areas.

Can shared bedrooms work for kids of different ages?

Absolutely, shared bedrooms can be designed to cater to the needs of kids at different developmental stages.


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