How to Move a Tempurpedic Mattress

Moving a Tempurpedic mattress can seem daunting. With their substantial weight and delicate material, handling these luxury mattresses with care is crucial. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll share detailed steps, tips and tricks to ensure a smooth transition of your Tempurpedic mattress.

Understanding the Basics of a Tempurpedic Mattress

Moving a Tempurpedic mattress safely is a procedure that requires an understanding of the uniqueness of these mattresses. Built with exceptional design, these mattresses provide unparalleled comfort and support, making them a valuable possession to be handled with care.

Tempurpedic mattresses are made with a special viscoelastic foam known as memory foam. This foam uniquely conforms to the shape of your body, ensuring the utmost comfort and support. However, this property also makes them heavy and difficult to handle.


Firstly, it’s essential to understand what a Tempurpedic mattress is and why it requires special attention during a move. Tempurpedic is renowned for its use of memory foam, a material known for its excellent pressure relief and body contouring properties. However, this same feature makes it susceptible to damage if improperly handled.


Pre-Move Preparations

Before moving your Tempurpedic mattress, it is essential to prepare properly. First, you should procure all the necessary materials for safe transportation. These include:

  • Mattress bags for protection
  • Moving straps for secure handling
  • Cardboard or plywood to add stiffness

Additionally, you should measure all doorways, hallways, and staircases to ensure your mattress can pass through easily.


The key to moving a Tempurpedic mattress lies in meticulous preparation. Here’s how:

  1. Cleaning the Mattress: Before moving, vacuum the mattress to eliminate dust or dirt particles. Use a mild detergent for spot-cleaning any stains.
  2. Dismantling the Bed Frame: Carefully remove the mattress from the bed frame. Ensures the frame won’t cause any accidental damage during the move.
  3. Acquiring the Right Tools: Moving straps, mattress bags, and a sturdy mattress box is essential. The straps will help you grip and lift the mattress, while the bag and box protect against dirt, damage, and moisture.


 Moving a Tempurpedic Mattress Safely
Step-by-Step Guide to Moving a Tempurpedic Mattress Safely

Step-by-Step Guide to Moving a Tempurpedic Mattress Safely

Step 1: Remove all Bedding

The first step involves stripping your Tempurpedic mattress of all bedding. Sheets, comforters, pillows, and other items should be removed and packed separately. This step makes your mattress lighter and easier to handle.

Step 2: Secure the Mattress in a Protective Bag

After the mattress has been stripped, the following step is to place it in a mattress bag for protection. Guarantees that the mattress is shielded from debris, dampness, and other potential dangers while being transported.


Step 3: Attach Moving Straps

After securing the mattress in a bag, you must attach moving straps. These straps will provide handles that make the mattress easier to carry. Ensure that the straps are tight and secure to prevent slipping during the move.


Step 4: Use Cardboard or Plywood for Support

To prevent the mattress from bending or folding during the move, attach a piece of cardboard or plywood to each side. Will provide additional rigidity and support during transportation.


Step 5: Transporting the Mattress

Lastly, when moving the mattress, always remember to keep it flat. It helps maintain the internal structure of the mattress and prevents any damage. With the help of a friend, carefully carry the mattress to your vehicle.


Step 6: Securing the Mattress in Your Vehicle

The mattress should be flat in your vehicle, preferably a van or truck. If you need to angle it due to space limitations, make sure it’s for a short duration, and the angle isn’t severe. Secure the mattress with additional straps if necessary to prevent it from moving during transit.


Step 7: Reinstalling Your Mattress

Carefully dump your mattress once you’ve reached your destination. It is advised to take some time off before utilizing it again. This rest period allows the mattress to regain its shape after the move.



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Moving a Tempurpedic mattress is a delicate process, but with the proper preparations and careful execution of steps, it can be done efficiently and effectively. The comfort and support of these mattresses make every effort worthwhile.

Remember, treating your Tempurpedic mattress with care during transportation will ensure that it continues to provide you with the best possible sleep for years to come. Take the time, make an effort, and enjoy the comfort of your Tempurpedic mattress in your new home.


Frequently Asked Questions About Moving a Tempurpedic Mattress Safely

Can I fold my Tempurpedic mattress for an easier move?

While it might seem easier to fold your Tempurpedic mattress for transportation, it’s not recommended. These mattresses are designed to lie flat, and folding could cause damage to the internal structure. Instead, keep the mattress flat during the move and use cardboard or plywood for additional support if necessary.


How can I protect my Tempurpedic mattress during the move?

How can I protect my Tempurpedic mattress during the move?

To protect your Tempurpedic mattress during transportation, use a mattress bag. These specially designed-bags protect the mattress from dust, moisture, and other hazards. Moreover, ensure secure handling by using moving straps and maintaining a flat position throughout the move.


What should I do if my Tempurpedic mattress gets wet during the move?

If your Tempurpedic mattress gets wet during the move, blot the wet area with a clean, dry cloth as soon as possible. After that, give it time to completely dry before applying it. However, using a protective mattress bag and minimizing exposure to moisture during shipping will always help to avoid this type of situation.


  1. Should I let my Tempurpedic mattress rest after moving it?

It’s a good idea to let your Tempurpedic mattress rest after moving. After the move, the mattress might need some time to regain its original shape. Giving it time to rest ensures optimal comfort and longevity.


Can I move my Tempurpedic mattress alone?

Can I move my Tempurpedic mattress alone?
Can I move my Tempurpedic mattress alone?

Due to the weight and flexibility of a Tempurpedic mattress, it’s advisable to have at least one other person to help you move it. Having help will prevent any unnecessary strain or accidental damage. Remember, safety comes first!


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