How to Clean a Lull MattressHow to Clean a Lull Mattress

Discover step-by-step methods to effectively clean your Lull mattress. From spot cleaning to deep cleaning, ensure your mattress remains fresh and long-lasting. Dive into our expert tips now!

A Comprehensive Guide to Cleaning Your Lull Mattress

We’ve all been there. A glass of wine spills or a toddler has a little accident. The end result? Stains on our precious Lull Mattress. But fret not! This guide has got you covered. From understanding the composition of your Lull Mattress to a step-by-step approach to spot cleaning, we’ll delve into everything you need to know to keep your mattress in tip-top condition.

Understanding the Lull Mattress Composition

Ever wondered what makes the Lull Mattress so comfy? It’s all about the composition. The Lull Mattress is designed with memory foam and latex layers, providing comfort and support. Knowing this composition is crucial when cleaning because different materials require specific care.


Why Regular Cleaning of Your Lull Mattress is Essential

You might be thinking, “Why bother?” Well, regular cleaning:

Extends the lifespan of your mattress.

 Dust, sweat, and dirt can degrade the materials.

Promotes better sleep.

A clean sleeping environment is conducive to better rest.

Prevents allergen build-up. 

Dust mites and allergens can accumulate over time, affecting those with allergies.

Maintains hygiene. 

You would only wear the same clothes for months after washing, would you? The same logic applies to your mattress.

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Tools and Supplies Needed for Mattress Cleaning

Before diving into the cleaning, gather your supplies:

  • Gentle fabric cleaner or dish soap
  • Cold water
  • Clean cloths or sponges
  • Vacuum with an upholstery attachment
  • Baking soda (for odor removal)


Step-by-Step: Spot Cleaning Stains on a Lull Mattress

Accidents happen, but acting fast can save your mattress from permanent stains.

Spot Cleaning Basics

  1. Blot, Don’t Rub: Using a clean cloth, blot the stain gently. Rubbing can push the stain deeper.
  2. Use Cold Water: Warm or hot water can set certain stains.
  3. Test a Small Area: Before applying any cleaning solution, test a small, inconspicuous area to ensure it doesn’t damage or discolor the fabric.


Removing Specific Types of Stains

Every stain is unique and, thus, requires a unique approach.

Blood Stains: Cold water is your best friend here. Blot with cold water and a bit of salt or hydrogen peroxide.

Beverage Stains: Mix a solution of dish soap and cold water. Gently blot the stain.

Food Stains: Scrape off excess food. Then, use dish soap and water to blot away the stain.


General Maintenance Tips for Your Lull Mattress

Maintaining your mattress goes beyond just spot cleaning.

Vacuuming Your Mattress: Do this monthly to remove dust and allergens. Use the upholstery attachment for best results.

Keeping Your Mattress Dry: Always ensure your mattress is thoroughly dry after cleaning to prevent mold and mildew.

Preventive Measures: Use a mattress protector or regularly rotate your mattress to even wear it.


Deep Cleaning Your Lull Mattress: A Detailed Process

Spot Cleaning

Ah, that dreaded coffee spill or makeup smudge. We’ve all been there. The key is to dab and not rub. Use a mild detergent with warm water and gently tap the stain. The golden rule? Always work from the outside in. This prevents the stain from spreading.

Removing Odors

Notice a peculiar smell? Fear not! Sprinkle baking soda over your mattress, let it sit for a few hours, and then vacuum it off. Baking soda is a natural odor eliminator and will leave your Lull mattress smelling fresh.

Eradicating Stains

Some stains are stubborn. A mixture of mild detergent, salt, and water can work wonders. Add a paste to the stain, let it dry, and scrape it away.


Drying Your Lull Mattress the Right Way

Air Drying

What is the best method for drying? Good ol’ Mother Nature. Take your mattress outside and let it air dry. The fresh air dries the mattress and helps eliminate any lingering odors.

Using Fans

If taking your mattress outside isn’t feasible, place fans around it. Ensure all mattress parts are equally exposed to the fan’s airflow. This ensures even drying.


How to Clean a Lull Mattress


Maintenance Tips for Extended Mattress Lifespan

Regular Vacuuming

You’d be surprised at how much dust can accumulate over time. Vacuuming your Lull mattress regularly can help reduce allergens and keep it clean.

Rotate and Flip

Doing this every 6 months can ensure even wear and tear. Remember, even distribution is the key to longevity.

Protect with Mattress Cover

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A mattress cover protects against spills, dust mites, and other unwanted elements.

Keep the Bedding Clean

Regularly washing your sheets, pillowcases, and other bedding can significantly reduce the dirt your mattress is exposed to.

Avoid Jumping on the Mattress

Remember when we used to jump on our beds as kids? As fun, as it was, it’s not ideal for the mattress’s health.

The Impact of Excessive Weight

While the occasional pillow fight is harmless, consistently placing heavy objects can reduce your mattress’s lifespan.

What to Avoid: Common Mistakes in Cleaning Lull Mattresses

As with everything, there’s a wrong way to do things.

Using Excessive Water

Water is a mattress’s enemy. Too much can seep deep, leading to mold and mildew. Always use sparingly.

Harsh Chemicals

Bleach might sound tempting for those stubborn stains, but resist the urge! Stick to mild detergents to preserve the fabric and structure of your Lull mattress.

Scrubbing Too Hard

Being aggressive won’t help. Gentle dabbing is the way to go. Scrubbing can damage the fabric and push stains deeper.

Protecting Your Lull Mattress: Best Protectors and Covers

Prevention is better than cure, they say. And it holds true for mattresses too!

 Importance of Mattress Protectors

A good protector removes dust, potential allergens, and even unwanted spills. Plus, it’s easier to clean a protector than the mattress itself.

Top Recommendations

When choosing a protector, ensure it’s breathable, waterproof, and fits snugly. Brands like SafeRest and Luna have some excellent options tailored for Lull mattresses.


FAQs about Lull Mattress Care and Cleaning

How often should I rotate my Lull mattress?

Rotating your mattress every 3-6 months is good practice to ensure even wear.

Can I machine-wash my Lull mattress cover?

Always refer to the care label. While some might be machine-washable, others may require hand washing.

What if my mattress gets wet?

If it’s just a small area, dry it with a towel and let it air out. For larger areas, consider professional cleaning.

Can I use a steam cleaner on my Lull mattress?

While steam cleaning can be effective, ensure it’s on a low setting and always allow the mattress to dry fully.

How long will my Lull mattress last?

Proper care and cleaning allow a Lull mattress to last up to 7-10 years.



Your Lull mattress is more than just a bed; it’s a haven. Proper care ensures that it remains your cozy retreat for years. Avoid common mistakes, use protective covers, and clean regularly to maintain pristine condition. Sweet dreams!


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